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August 24, 2016, 01:43:08 AM

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Print article The B.A.S. Welcomes you !!!
Welcome to the BE-300 Advancement Society!

FREE online support community devoted to the Casio Be-300 Pocket Manager.

B.A.S. is a member driven, staff guided, repository for all things BE related.
How 2s, Why 4s, Pgms, OEs, Skins, Troubleshooting, Upgrading,'ll find information on all of it inside our many forums. If something isn't there just ask and someone should be able to help. If
YOU know something that should be here please submit it in our Resource submissions area and we will archive it for the community (with full credit to you for supplying it).

ALL PUBLIC FORUMS are now available for reading and downloading of archived items to ALL members and guests.

Please note
that all of our Archives are also freely open to members and guests for browsing and downloading only

This allows us to keep things neat and clean for the search and retrieval of whatever you might need. If it's not in there ask or let us have it and we'll put it there. If you have info that SHOULD be in one of the threads post it in the Resource Contributions area and we'll archive it with full credit to you for providing it.

We have a growing collection of apps and games, utilities and fixes, etc. set aside for the BE-Community at large. So become a member and help the collection grow.

NOTE: You must be a member of B.A.S. in order to post in our forums.

Member posting is allowed in the following forums:

Resource Contributions Area: and sub forums
B.A.S. Members Area: and sub forums
Everything Else Area: and sub forums

In Honor of our 6 year anniversary The B.A.S Club (formerly a members only section) is now open to members and guests !!

The following Archive Forums are staff posting only:

Casio Resource Archive: and sub forums
WinCE Shell Resource Archive: and sub forums
KC Menu Resource Archive: and sub forums
Applications Resource Archive: and sub forums
General BE300 Archive: and sub forums
Games Resource Archive: and sub forums
Skinset Donations Archive: and sub forums

We hope you ENJOY your visit to B.A.S. and please let us know if it was helpful....or how it could be more so.

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